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Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard began his career as a critic for Cahiers du Cinéma. In 1960 he directed Breathless, which won the Silver Bear at Berlin, where he subsequently won the Jury Prize for A Woman is a Woman (1961) and the Silver Bear for Alphaville (1965). He also made Contempt (1963), and Pierrot le fou (1965). Jean-Luc Godard received the Honorary Award Oscar in 2011. Goodbye to Language (2014) garnered the Jury Prize in Cannes, while his following The Image Book (2018) got the Palme d’or spéciale.

2018 Le livre d'image
2014 Goodbye to Language
1985 Je vous salue, Marie
1972 Just Great
1967 La Chinoise
1965 Pierrot le Fou
1962 Vivre Sa Vie
1960 Breathless

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