News  ·  05 | 08 | 2021


Aurélie Saada | Piazza Grande

Singer Aurélie Saada’s first feature film Rose (she was discovered during her time as one of the duo Brigitte) is a loving ode to life. 

Rose is the main character, with the face of the magnificent Françoise Fabian, whose filmography is as eclectic as it is prestigious, beginning with Louis Malle (The Thief of Paris, 1967) and Rohmer (My Night at Maud’s, 1969) and proceeding currently also with television roles, as in the recent series Call My Agent! (2015-2018). 

Rose is a young 78-year-old Parisian. The opening scene shows her happily enjoying a party in the Tunisian Jewish community, surrounded by family and friends. The sudden death of her husband pushes her towards loneliness and forces her to question her place, both within the family and in society.

Initially disoriented, Rose invites us with sweet determination to rediscover the pleasure of seduction, doubt, choice and living. And in her liberation from conventions and family ties arises a profound joy.

Like Arthur Rimbaud, or Léo Ferré after him, Rose joyfully invites us to sing, "We're not serious when we're 78."

Mathilde Henrot