Premio Raimondo Rezzonico

From its inception until the present day, cinema could not have surprised us so much without the courage, audacity and prescient gaze of those who have chosen to support freethinking and visionary projects. This is why, since 2002, the Locarno Film Festival has awarded the Best Producer Award (Premio Raimondo Rezzonico) to figures who have played a major role in international production. 

The award ceremony, held in the prestigious setting of Piazza Grande, is paired with a program of representative titles from the careers of the past awardeed, as well as occasions during which the public is invited to delve more deeply into their work. In recent years, thanks to the awards given to Mike Medavoy, Arnon Milchan, Jeremy Thomas, Ted Hope and many more, a journey has been undertaken among the most innovative realities of international production. A journey that will resume its course during the 2021 edition, with the new Best Producer Award (Premio Raimondo Rezzonico): Gale Anne Hurd.

Past winners
  • 2002 Paulo Branco
  • 2003 Ruth Waldburger
  • 2004 Karl Baumgartner
  • 2005 Jeremy Thomas
  • 2006 Agat Films
  • 2007 Lita Stantic
  • 2008 Christine Vachon
  • 2009 Martine Marignac
  • 2010 Menahem Golan
  • 2011 Mike Medavoy
  • 2012 Arnon Milchan
  • 2013 Margaret Ménégoz
  • 2014 Nansun Shi
  • 2015 Office Kitano
  • 2016 David Linde
  • 2017 Michel Merkt 
  • 2018 Ted Hope
  • 2019 Komplizen Film Production
  • 2021 Gale Anne Hurd