August 4–14 2021

The Festival is for everyone
These past few months, we’ve been working with one goal in mind: to craft an edition that could bring back our entire audience. We’ve tried to reinstate the usual Festival in Piazza Grande and the 11 other screening venues throughout the city. The result will be a rich, complete, unique edition, as always, to be experienced along with a few simple details that need to be paid attention to also make it safe. Everyone will thus to access Locarno74, and watch all 209 of the selected films: no one excluded, everyonesafe.



Locarno is a film that lasts eleven days, in an endless location. it's for families, children, film lovers and filmmakers. Or, more simply, for those wishing to experience a unique adventure in a unique place.

Access & Regulations

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The Stars of Locarno74

Like every year, the stars shine in Locarno, be they above Piazza Grande or on the red carpet. They’re women and men who have  left a mark on film history, or are in the process of doing so now. And so it shall be on August 4-14, with the return of the Piazza, the red carpet and the stars.


That's All Locarno74

Not just films: almost two years after the last Piazza Grande screening, we decided to bring back the real magic of the Festival – the films, the guests, the encounters, the professionals, as well as the parallel universe that makes the Locarno Film Festival a multifaceted event.

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