The Best of Locarno74

The Great Return of Cinema

The 50th anniversary of Piazza Grande coincided with the rebirth of one of the most suggestive open-air cinemas in the world. Here, and in the other screening venues, viewers reconnected with what they had missed: sharing stories, emotions and musings underneath the big screen. An eclectic selection, open to genre and popular tastes, gave everyone the chance to rediscover the amazing magic of cinema.  

A Space for Words

Not just images: the Festival also reignited its events and spaces devoted to dialogue. The award-winning guests met the audience to reveal the secrets of their work, while Locarno Talks la Mobiliare brought new ways of thinking about crucial contemporary issues to the Festival.  

Parties, Receptions and Fun

During the Festival, the city and the surrounding territory became the place for meetings between people of culture, politics, science and finance. The rebirth also occurred through music, in a context of conviviality that is the quintessence of the Festival.  


It's never too early to love cinema: at Locarno74, children explored the behind-the-scenes of the Festival, thanks to the workshops that were put together in collaboration with regional educational partners. And a brand-new section just for them, Locarno Kids, brought Mamoru Hosoda's masterpiece Belle to Piazza Grande, with the first ever Locarno Kids Award for the director. The Academy reopened its doors to the energy of young talents in criticism, directing and the film industry from all over the world. As for Swiss promises, they were part of BaseCamp, a residence and laboratory where cinema and new artistic languages mix.