Independent juries

Ecumenical Prize

Anne Dagallier France
Linde Frölich Germany
Lukáš Jirsa Czech Republic – President
Anne-Béatrice Schwab Switzerland

Since 1973 the Ecumenical Jury has awarded its prize to film directors who have been the most successful with their artistic talent in sensitising the viewer to religious, people-related, and social values. It looks at the visions of the creative film directors with a feel for justice, peace, and respect as well as for spiritual dimensions. The award includes prize money of 20,000 CHF provided by the Reformed Churches and the Catholic Church of Switzerland, and is committed for the film’s distribution in Switzerland.


Dana Linssen The Netherlands
Martin Horyna Czech Republic
Müge Turan Türkiye
Peter Kremski Germany
Sarah Stutte Switzerland

To promote cinema as an art form and encourage new and young cinema, the International Federation of Film Critics awards the International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI Prize) to a film presented in competition.

Europa Cinemas Label

Marta Fernandes Portugal
Jean-François Lamarche Canada
Víctor Paz Spain
Katarzyna Pryc Poland

Created in 2003, the Europa Cinemas Label seeks to enhance the promotion, circulation and box-office runs of European award-winning films all across the screens of the Europa Cinemas network. The Europa Cinemas Label is awarded by a jury of network exhibitors to one of the European feature films selected in the program series Concorso internazionale and Concorso Cineasti del presente, and provides this awarded movie with the resources necessary to reach a large audience. The Label comes into play at a key moment in a film's career, as its presentation at a major festival represents a strategic step towards its launch on the international market. The Label brings together media representatives, sales agents, distributors and exhibitors by providing the latter with a financial incentive towards programming the film upon its national release date, and then for extending its run. Europa Cinemas, which comprises 3,059 screens in 1,217 cinemas established in 739 cities in 42 countries, encourages its members to screen these labelled movies all over the network. 

Junior Jury Awards

As part of the Cinema&Gioventù initiative – organized by Bellinzona’s Castellinaria Festival del cinema giovane on behalf of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton Ticino - three juries made up of young film fans will award the following prizes: a jury will select the three best directors of full-length features shown in the International Competition: 1st prize 6,000 CHF, 2nd prize 4,000 CHF, 3rd prize 2,000 CHF. A prize of 2,000 CHF will be awarded to the best film in the Concorso Cineasti del presente.  A second jury will award two prizes of 1,500 CHF to the best short films in the National and International Competition in the Pardi di domani section. Finally, two special prizes of CHF 3,000 and CHF 2,000, offered by the Ticino Department of Internal Affairs, will be awarded to the feature film from the Concorso internazionale and the short film from Open Doors: Shorts that best illustrate the concept ‘The environment is quality of life’.

Grand Prix Semaine de la critique – Prix SRG SSR 2022 and Zonta Club Locarno 2022

Stina Werenfels, Switzerland
Rüdiger Suchsland, Germany
Marco Poloni, Switzerland-Italy

The Grand Prix Semaine de la Critique – Prix SRG SSR, worth CHF 5,000, goes to the producer and director of the best film. The jury of Semaine de la critique also awards the “Premio Zonta Club Locarno”, worth CHF 2,000, for a film that is characterised by special social commitment.  Since 2021, Semaine de la critique, in memory of its general delegate who passed away in 2020, has been awarding the Marco Zucchi Award worth CHF 2,000 to the formally and aesthetically most innovative documentary film.

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