News  ·  06 | 08 | 2018

The Wall of Fame - Day 5

It could only have been Kyle's night. The opening titles, a triumph of thunder and grey clouds, warned Piazza Grande about the sky coming down, which it did. And yet, like in a film that Kyle Cooper, Locarno71's Vision Award Ticinomoda, worked on, the story didn't come to a halt. It went on, in fact it literally exploded when a woman stepped onto the stage, tugged at the heartstrings and got the crowd to stand up, despite the rain. Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, gave us the kind of gift only Locarno can give. Along with them, between a red carpet and golden signatures, Christian FreiMarkus ImhoofThomas ImbachStéphane GoëlMaria AlchéMercedes Moránand Richard Billingham