News  ·  05 | 08 | 2020

Locarno 2020 brings back 25 years of cinema and words

Join us online with Discutiamo, discutiamo, the project that celebrates Locarno's great encounters with its guests

Locarno 2020 launches its forward-looking edition with a glimpse into the past. Discutiamo, discutiamo, now available online, is a journey through the Festival archives to once again hear the voice and thoughts of the great guests of the Locarno Film Festival. It's 25 years' worth of encounters, chats, laughter, tears, frivolities and profound musings, from 1985 to 2019, with speakers ranging from Jean-Luc Godard to John Waters. 

The strength of the archive

This project emphasizes the value of archives and a history of great moments. Discutiamo, discutiamo is the brainchild of Giacomo Hug and Artistic Director Lili Hinstin, with the intent of offering the audience those typical summer cinema encounters in Locarno. This is the complete list of masterclasses already available to the public with a single click, as part of a project whose name pays tribute to the Festival's friend  Marco Bellocchio (recipient of the 2015 Pardo d'onore), who made his debut in Locarno in 1965 with Fists in the Pocket and directed the hilarious short film Discutiamo, discutiamo four years later. 

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