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Interview with Zsuzsi Bánkuti

Open Doors Community Coordinator

What are you most proud of about Open Doors 2021?

We built a strong sense of community between filmmakers, actors, producers, and everyone who participated. It’s the best possible closing of a three-year journey. All these professionals over time connected in an amazing way, communicating and building bridges with each other. After last year’s online version, it’s been so touching to experience now in Locarno how they are eager to find out about each other’s life and work.

This year more than ever Open Doors has shown an admirable variety of movies...

We are so proud of having introduced diversity, a kind of cinema in which everyone can find their voice. Paolo Bertolin worked as an advisor for the selection of the screenings and did a wonderful job. I am very happy that the directors we invited embraced this idea of showing that there is a variety of tones, genres, and personal styles in these countries. Introducing a new generation of artists and helping them to find their own voice is the core and one of Open Doors’ most important goals.

What did you gain on a human and professional level all over these years?

The most important thing we achieved is the connection not only between these countries but also on an international level. On the human level, I am very happy that they brought their own culture to Open Doors and by sharing it they started to understand each other better. They acknowledged their differences but also their similarities. Showing their talent to an international audience has been another important achievement. The work we did over the years has definitely paid off.

How is important for these directors to be shown in an important festival like Locarno?

Locarno is one of the most important festivals in Europe, caring so much about endorsing diversity and arthouse movies. Being shown here means for them international recognition. Since so many changes happened in the last few months, the young generation needs to understand that they can take advantage of them. This is a huge opportunity.

Interview by Adriano Ercolani

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