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73 years’ worth of magic and history tied to the Locarno Film Festival lives on in the photographs capturing memorable Piazza Grande moments. With the support of La Posta, this open-air exhibition brings the Festival back to life in the captivating Piazza Grande location.

The Festival is in the Piazza. Relive 73 years’ worth of magic.

Even though the Locarno Film Festival isn’t able to take place in all of its customary locations, between August 5-15, Piazza Grande is once again be one of the key elements of the 2020 edition. The iconic open-air cinema, which holds thousands of viewers in its embrace annually, serves as an exhibition space during Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films. It hosts a photo exhibition, with archival snapshots capturing the most significant moments associated with Piazza Grande and its prizewinners, thus using the memories of the past to revive the timeless emotions that Locarno generates with each edition.

The exhibition is also accessible in the evening, thanks to a special arrangement designed to allow eco-friendly nighttime visits. The lighting comes from innovative solar-powered poster supports. This is a sign of the Locarno Film Festival’s consistent commitment to the future and to sustainability.

This initiative is possible thanks to the cooperation of Marco Abram, Loreta Daulte, Alberto Flammer, Massimo Pedrazzini, Ti-Press: Samuel Golay, Gabriele Putzu, Carlo Reguzzi.

Revisiting the Festival (and ourselves)

Take a look at the photo gallery and relive your exhibition experience! The La Posta team will be in Piazza Grande every day to capture the best exhibition moments.

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