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Sadia Khatri


Sadia Khatri



Sadia Khatri is a writer and journalist who grew up on Bollywood and somehow still became a feminist. Her growing interest in film writing comes from a place of wanting to dissect gender, sexuality, and class politics in South Asian cinema. Sadia also writes fiction and narrative non-fiction—about cities, gender, queerness, sci-fi—and is currently working on her first book, about the life of the Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali. She studied Journalism and Media Studies at Mount Holyoke College, with a focus on narrative non-fiction writing and visual culture.

In 2015, Sadia co-founded Girls at Dhabas, a feminist collective which seeks to re-imagine and archive women and non-binary individuals' experiences in public spaces through photographs and text (dhabas are roadside teashops in Pakistan, and like most public spaces in the country, tend to be dominated by men). Sadia's activism has focused on rallying for public spaces as a legitimate site of feminist praxis and using storytelling to take back the narrative.

Sadia is also a photography enthusiast and loves poetry and cycling.

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