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Nicolas Rebeschini – Charades, France

Nicolas Rebeschini – Charades, France



My name is Nicolas, I worked for the last 10 years on French and American movie sets as assistant director and decided, last year, to have a look at the movie industry. I started back from the ground as an intern for Charades Films in April 2017: they somehow liked what I did and decided to keep me as festival and market manager. Since now I took care of the logistics for one AFM (2017), one Berlinale (2018) and one Cannes (2018). The festival part really started with Cannes this year, as we had a film in each selection and ended up with the Critics Week Grand Prize for Diamantino (Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt - Les Films du Bélier/Maria & Mayer/Syndrome Film). I faced hundreds of


festivals asking for not only this film but the others that were now catching the light. I took it as a first step in the professional ground although I still have a lot to learn!

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