Anne Sophie Trintignac

Anne Sophie Trintignac



Anne Sophie Trintignac was born in Paris on January 21rst, 1990. She has studied International Business, Marketing and Communication at Kedge Business Schoold (Bordeaux, France). In 2013, after one year in UK, one year in Madrid, and one semester in China,

she obtained 3 diplomas (a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Master in Marketing and Communication and a Master in International Management), and moved to Paris for my final year internship. She integrated Le Public Systeme Cinema as PR assistant. She decided to keep on learning and developing her network thanks to press relations on films releases and event dimension during festivals, and kept on working 2 years in Le Public Systeme Cinema as Press Attachée. Responding to a strong desire to develop my knowledge and to apprehend the maximum of the dimensions of the cinematographic sector, she joined Luxbox last February as Head of Festivals and Junior Sales Agent. 



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