Berfin Demirat

!f İstanbul Independent Film Festival, Turkey

Berfin Demirat



Berfin Demirat born in Mardin, Turkey in 1993. She graduated from Bahçeşehir University with a degree of Political Science and International Relations. During her studies in university, she worked with several different non-governmental organizations like Amnesty International. In 2014, she joined KısaKes Short Film Festival team and since then she has been working as Selection Coordinator in the festival. She worked as Platform Manager in ZeynoFilm. During that time she took part at the organization of Antalya Film Forum which is the co-production market of International Antalya Film Festival.  She also produced short films and music videos. Since March 2019, she is working as Programming Coordinator at !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival which is a whole new challenge to her.

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