Nevina Satta – Professor and producer – Italy

Nevina Satta – Professor and producer – Italy

Professor of Filmmaking and Directing at the Catholic University of Milan and Brescia, Italy, for the Locarno Film Summer School she co-ordinated the afternoon workshops with filmmakers and producers for a decade.

Born in Sardinia, Italy, Satta is the Founder and President of LittleSnowProductions, a documentary production company based in Milan. Satta has made a number of feature-length documentaries, including Chronicle of a Milanese Love (2006), before moving to Los Angeles, where she currently works as director, film producer and Festival Consultant.

In 2005, Satta and D'Adamo co-founded The Traveling Film School, a non-profit organization that provides free film and theater training to children in underdeveloped regions around the world. They also created and promoted a challenging producing model called FAIR TRADE CINEMA, which lays out a flexible, non-exploitive, multibudget producing framework for productions working in underdeveloped countries.

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