Piazza Grande

Prix du Public UBS 2019 winner – “Camille” by Boris Lojkine


Prix du Public UBS 2017 winner – "The Big Sick" by Michael Showalter


The winner of Prix du Public 2016 "I, Daniel Blake" by Ken Loach



"Jason Bourne" by Paul Greengrass


Scarlett Johansson in Luc Besson’s “Lucy”, the 2014 opening film.


The winner of the Prix du Public UBS in 2011: “Monsieur Lazhar”, directed by Philippe Falardeau. In the image the young actor Émilien Néron.


Gael García Bernal in “No”, a film by Pablo Larraín, screened in Piazza Grande in 2012.


The blockbuster “Super 8” by the American director J. J. Abrams opens the Festival 2011.


An in-depth look at the world of bee colonies, “More Than Honey”, the film directed by the Swiss director Markus Imhoof, was premiered in Piazza Grande in 2012.


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La Piazza Grande, uno spazio immenso capace di accogliere ogni sera fino a 8’000 spettatori, è il cuore e la vetrina del Festival. Il suo schermo gigante, uno dei più grandi d’Europa, dotato di straordinarie qualità tecniche di proiezione, rende la Piazza Grande uno dei cinema all’aperto più belli al mondo. Una cornice unica che riunisce ogni sera il variegato pubblico festivaliero per un grande evento cinematografico. Il programma della Piazza vanta prestigiose produzioni, la maggior parte in prima mondiale, internazionale o europea, presentate dal regista e dal cast.

Gli spettatori della Piazza Grande formano anche la giuria più grande del pianeta, che ogni sera vota per l’assegnazione del celebre “Prix du Public UBS” (Premio del pubblico). Inoltre, una giuria di critici cinematografici attribuisce il Variety Piazza Grande Award per promuovere la diffusione internazionale di uno dei film della selezione.


Prix du Public UBS

The official jury is not the only one to hand out prizes at the Festival. Every night, the audience in Piazza Grande is on jury service, voting to decide the winner of the “Prix du Public UBS”.

The film that receives the most audience votes will win the “Prix du Public UBS” worth 30,000 CHF. The winner will receive the prize during the official awards ceremony.

For more than 10 years UBS has been honored to award an annual prize for filmmaking on behalf of the Festival audience. Previous winners of the “Prix du Public UBS” have included films such as Bend It Like BeckhamThe Syrian Bride, Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), Monsieur Lazhar and BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee. 

Variety Piazza Grande Award

The Variety Piazza Grande Award is awarded by a jury of several of the American paper’s critics who will attend Locarno. It will go to a film screened in the Piazza Grande program as a world or international première. The prize will recognize a film that stands out for both its artistic qualities and its potential for theatrical release. This award is intended to assist the international career of a film in selection thanks to Variety’s connections with the film industry and its authority within the sector.

Swatch First Feature Awards

Swatch support the prizes awarded by a jury of international film critics to the two best first feature films, as world or international premieres, selected for all sections of the Festival, except for the independent sections Semaine de la critique and Panorama Suisse:

  • Swatch First Feature Award for the best first film: 15’000 CHF to the director;
  • The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award: a special mention, with a 3 to 6 month residency in the Shanghai hotel of the same name.
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