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A New Genre is Born: the Toblerone Horror

A New Genre is Born: the Toblerone Horror



Take a group of beautiful girls, put between them an intruder who should be serious but make the audience laugh and see what happens. This is the essence of Das Missen Massaker, the horror comedy which will be screened tonight in Piazza Grande at 9.30 pm. But this is also the account of the press conference organized today by the Festival del film Locarno with the actresses and the director Michael Steiner playing the role of the spotlight chaser. “Our film is a comedy with horror elements in a Swiss context, somethig pretty original in our country. It’s a Toblerone horror!”

Steiner is the author of Mein Name ist Eugen (2005), Grounding – Die letzten Tage der Swissair (2006) and Sennentuntschi (2010). “I am not afraid of having an experience with a new kind of films. I love to put myself to the test”.

The Swiss director and Michael Sauter (co-screenwriter) took inspiration from the great American horror classics and the Italian giallo movies, as demonstrated by the several masks worn by the killer (“But they are not the original ones, we do not have to pay copyrights”). Moreover, they added a particular soundtrack which put the audience in the middle of the Eighties. “I really like the Italodisco of those years, so we decided to insert so many references as possible, including some hits like Righeira’s Vamos a la playa”.

The film is basically founded on the Schwizerdütsch, the dialect spoken in the Swiss German regions which has the same importance as a Swiss national language. “We adopted this language and not the Hochdeutsch because we wanted to preserve the colours and the creativity we had on the set”.

As a direct consequence, the film will be distributed in the Swiss German part of the country on August 23th in sixty copies. “We know that a genre movie could represent a risk, but we are sure to have worked with genuine talents creating something very funny. We hope to make the audience laugh, including the entire Piazza Grande tonight”.

Mattia Bertoldi
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