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Critics looking for a new meaning

Critics looking for a new meaning



Things have definitely changed since the days of the early films reviews, and both media and festivals have somewhat moved from the original schemes of creation of meaning and added value to the cinematic object.

So, there's no better place than a film festival, where journalists, bloggers and academics gather by the thousand, to start this kind of debate.

“Do film critics still matter?” is the name of the symposium held by the Locarno Critics Academy program, produced by IndieWire and the Festival in conjunction with the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Swiss Association of Film Journalists (Aug. 4Th, 1pm, Spazio Cinema)

Hosted by Eric Kohn, and attended by, among others, the partecipants in the Critics' Academy, nine enthusiastic film critics in the making coming from Europe and the USA, the forum aims at finding new meanings in the profession of the Cinema journalist in the age of social media and immediate access.

Massimo Benvegnú
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