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In the Name of a Female Comedy Renaissance

In the Name of a Female Comedy Renaissance



Three high school BFF (Best Friends Forever) and the breaking news of Becky (aka Pig Face), the ugly duckling who will be the first to marry. This is the starting point of Bachelorette, the unpolitically correct comedy directed by Leslye Headland (at her debut) screening tonight in Piazza Grande.

A movie almost exclusively based on the disharmonic but tight-knit Charlie’s Angels-like group:  Regan, the blonde perfectionist (Kirsten Dunst); Katy, a red light-headed girl (Isla Fisher) and the sarcastic drifter Gena (Lizzy Caplan, since yesterday in Locarno along with the director).

The American actress talked about the movie as the last representative of a female comedy Renaissance: “The genre lived a major turning point a couple of years ago when a certain Bridesmaids demonstrated that women can be very funny main characters, without always playing the role of the girlfriend yelling at his funny boyfriend. It is a genre which is earning money, audience and respect. This is our moment”.

Leslye Headland agrees: “Four years ago I presented the script for this film to the producers and they told me that yes, women talk like this but no, people won’t pay to see women talking like this.

Now everything’s changed, women are encouraged to shoot or act in similar movies”. An evolution which follows the commercial success of chick lit and the amazing verve of some American women who host talk shows and take part to popular programs like Saturday Night Live

And even if scripts include transgressive or drugs-addicted characters, actresses do not dislike it. Caplan again: “Yeah, true, in my career I played many messy characters, and Gena is one of them. But you know what?

I love these roles, it would be boring playing perfect people”. The last words of the actress are dedicated to Locarno: “This Festival is definitely a ten, or better: an eleven. It is stunning to be here with this movie”.


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