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Noémie Lvosky, Sean Baker, Dree Hemingway, ...


Starlet (Concorso internazionale)

Sean Baker (director)

"I was excited to work with two great and wonderful actresses like Besedka Johnson and Dree Hemingway. I trusted them and sometimes I let them improvize, sometimes we went off the page. I was very lucky to have such a great team".

"At the beginning I did not know that Dree was looking for a role in a film. When I discovered that, I watched her photos and some Youtube videos with her interviews, and I found her very appealing. At that time I was in Los Angeles, she was in New York. During a one-hour-long Skype Call we talked about the character of Jane and found a special connection. At the end, I offered her the role. I immediately understood that Dree was the right actress".

"The movie is about judgement and I did not want audience connect with the characters according to their jobs or social roles, but with their personalities and their hearts. This is also the focus of the film which is based on the friendship between two women of different age".

Dree Hemingway (actress)

"Acting in this movie was a growing and amazing experience, a huge learning experience. I was free to discuss with Sean about little things and details concerning my role and this helped me a lot".

"When I read the script I knew I had to do this movie. So I accepted this role. Before the shooting I met some porn actresses and I really gained respect for these girls because of the society judgement they face everyday".

"I am so proud to be part of this film, I have never felt so proud for something in my entire life. It is a statement, it says something".

Radium Cheung (director of photography)

"We wanted to give to the film a very naturalistic look, without using artificial lightning or distract the audience. We did not want to take the attention away from the actresses".


Camille redouble (Piazza Grande)

Noémie Lvosky (sceneggiatrice, attrice e regista) 

« La domanda che mi pongo di film in film, è se il tempo ci cambia come persone, o se siamo un nocciolo irriducibile, che ci impedisce di cambiare. » 

« Mi impongo di pensare agli attori solo dopo la scrittura della sceneggiatura, il casting è un’altra tappa. Così l’attore assomiglierà al personaggio e non il contrario. »

Mattia Bertoldi
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