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Two Directors Three Movements

Two Directors Three Movements



During Rivers and Russell's film, in the transition from the first to the second part, and then to the third, a triangle appears, scratched onto the film itself, branded into the black. The two filmmakers, one British and one American, sharing a first name and initials as though predestined to double and reflect in each other, have often shared similar creative journeys, which grew closer, intersected and have now joined together.

Two directors for a film in three movements, and the union of the segments in the closed and continuous shape of this triangle stands for the journey of the project and its main character. He leaves a community of which he is a member and a mute witness. Alone, he passes through forests, lakes and memories, before arriving at a new community, this time musical, completing a journey from silence to shout. The film is inspired by the luminous colours and social utopias of Rivers, slides towards a common enchanted ground in which the visions of both meet, and arrives at an long and mysterious performance sequence, with the Dionysian charge typical of Russell's work.

During the final concert, the camera lingers on the faces of the audience, mirroring on screen the faces of the film's audience, us, like them, part of an experience that has transformed the room into an autonomous space, and listening and seeing into a progressive liberating alteration of the senses.

Sergio Fant
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