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Meet the Millers

Meet the Millers


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“Nothing’s more fun than insulting a colleague!”
So claims Jason Sudeikis, co-star with Jennifer Aniston of the wild and irreverent We’re the Millers. “It’s true,” confirms his partner on the big screen, “being mean to each on the set when you actually get along in real life is something very liberating.”

While David and Rose, their characters in the film, get into all kinds of trouble and say all kinds of things to each other, Sudeikis and Aniston definitely get on well. Neither of them is in any doubt about which scene was the most fun to shoot. “The Pictionary one!” they respond, practically in unison. “It was also thanks to the support from all the other actors that we managed to create an absurd atmosphere, full of comic potential,” says Sudeikis. “Which wasn’t easy given we were all pretty much sitting around doing nothing.”

The character of David is highly politically incorrect. What made Sudeikis want to play him? “The fact that he can be seen according to different interpretations. It’s interesting, for example, that Rose sees potential in him, wants him to be a better man, both for her and for her fake children… Basically she tries to bring him in line without even realizing it. A kind of Mr Miyagi. I think that you can look at the whole movie this way, which is then what unleashes the comedy. The kissing scene is a perfect example of this, because all four Millers are doing nothing wrong from the perspective of the characters. The audience is laughing, there’s nothing vulgar, but then everything is overturned by the arrival of an outsider. Being all involved in the scene made it hilarious. You laugh about things that seem inappropriate but which in reality aren’t, except for those outside the family.”

It’s impossible not to ask these two pure comic talents if they had idols who inspired their careers when they were younger. “I adored the spirit of Carol Burnett and the immense class of Shirley MacLaine,” acknowledges Jennifer. Jason has other references: “Chevy Chase above all, but I also tried to understand something from the early Eddie Murphy.”

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