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Rawson Marshall Thurber presents We’re the Millers

Rawson Marshall Thurber presents We’re the Millers



Rawson Marshall Thurber (director)

The movie went out in the USA three days ago and it is going very well. The audience really liked the film, according to what I read on Twitter – it is very rewarding.

I had two goals. Number one: make people laugh. Number two: say a little something about family.

Drug trafficking is a very serious subject – and there are great films about it, such as Traffic. But we are not Traffic, just a light version of that.

Every film is a challenge, from a logistical point of view. For shooting We’re the Millers we had three separate RVs – one of them was put in a closed studio.

There are two great pros in being a director. First: hiring the actors that you admire, and I worked with great comedians. Two: making choices about what's in and what’s out during the editing. But I would be a bad director if I ordered to act only according the script. I love improvvisation, and the funniest jokes in the movie are given by Jennifer Aniston’s and Jason Sudeikis’ talent.

Why did we choose “Miller” as family name? I should ask Bob Fisher and Steve Faber, but actually I think because it is a very common name in the States, but not so common to be banal.

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