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Thomas Imbach and Camille Rutherford of Mary Queen of Scots

Thomas Imbach and Camille Rutherford of Mary Queen of Scots



Thomas Imbach (director)

“It is an idea that became stronger and stronger, and then I felt that I had to start the adventure – or drop it. I have been very much interested in that character and I decided to shoot a costume film, but not in the way we are used to”.

“Today we have relationships which are based on what you get in return. Mary was otherwise totally focused on her feelings”.

“Mary was a woman surrounded by very powerful men, but she had her own desires and goals. I think that contemporary women are faced to the same issues, and for me it was an occasion to talk about that period in a way it can be understood by the audience”.

“Elizabeth was a modern queen, she believed in her convictions in a very natural way”.

“When Stefan Zweig started the project he was concentrated on the volcanic character of Mary. He is a master in the psychological story-telling and he was focused on her perspective. Similarly, I was interested in the letters Mary wrote to Elizabeth – even if she never sent her”.

“The mise-en-scène is not spectacular as one could expect because I wanted to focus on interactions between characters. My intention was showing Mary's inner world. The mise-en-scène is consequently not dry, but reduced, limited”. 

Camille Rutherford (actress)

“I was very afraid before playing Mary! I read so much about her and I collected plenty of information. I am very impressed by the story of that character”.

“Being a queen was marvellous, even if I have not yet watched the movie and I don't know what I look like. On the set I was used to wake up at 6am and to wear beautiful costumes which were not so comfortable, but they helped me to have a good posture and to look like very feminine. A real queen”.

Mattia Bertoldi
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