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Kiyoshi Kurosawa di Real

Kiyoshi Kurosawa di Real



Kiyoshi Kurosawa (director)

“The movie is based on a novel, but the producer told me that we could not leave the original title because it was too long and difficult to understand. Then I decided to maintain the word that (I think) better represents the essence of the feature: 'Real'”

“I think that everyone had the experience of asking himself or herself: “Is this reality or not, am I dreaming or not?”. Reality is a very complicated theme in fact, especially in a movie: on the one hand I wanted to be real, but on the other hand I was aware that everything was fiction. There was always that confusion on the set”.

“In Japan there is a lot of animation, but that kind of science-fiction does not exist in Japan”.

“It is such a complicated story! I did not really manage to describe everything clearly – probably the movie could be longer! I was a bit concerned about that aspect, because I didn't know if the audience could feel confused along the movie”.

“My purpose was trying to catch what is invisible with the camera and to me, expressing what there is beyond reality represented a completely new experience. Another challenge was to make it simple”.

Mattia Bertoldi
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