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You Son of a Pornographer

You Son of a Pornographer



“You’re in a loop” says an actress to her employer. He has just announced his decision to cancel the film he was about to shoot and he is repeating arguments, thinking aloud, more in an attempt to shush his vivid, restless mind than to convince the people who look up to him. The hesitant, frantic filmmaker is Hervé-Pierre Gustave, the famed pornographer known as HPG, who in Fils de embarks on a quest for happiness, troubled by the apparent incompatibility between his profession and his responsibilities as a husband and father of two.

Hervé appears to be exceptionally receptive to all signals and connections, in tune with his internal warring factions, which make him a roller-coaster of an interlocutor: we hear him utter in a single breath “f*** you oh sorry I didn’t mean that”. But it also makes him a great observer of other people. It’s in front of his camera that his son pronounces his first word. Interestingly, this word is “no”.

News that HPG is a vampire wouldn’t surprise us. Torn by conflicting instincts, he creeps back at home like a shadow, too late to be a comforting presence, and seems never to be at rest. This may render, though, the sight of a peaceful nap with his baby daughter all the more soft and soothing.
Another good day.

Aurélie Godet
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