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Away from Home and Return

Artistic Director's Blog
Away from Home and Return



Maybe cinema really did offer the 20°-century citizen a house in which to live. A house with modular walls and with a big window on which to cast one’s gaze. It is to this structure that Eugène Green’s film refers. Following the trail of Francesco Borromini, who travelled south from Canton Ticino to Rome to mark the Eternal City with his curves, La sapienza meditates on the meaning of architecture as the art of living.

Perhaps there is a direct link between journey and home, as though one could not be imagined without the other. It is no surprise that many of today’s films tackle the theme of the journey, or more precisely, seek to tackle it in a different way. Songs from the North and Sud Eau Nord Déplacer are in this sense enlightened. Both deal with delocalization, the act by which the gaze does not travel but moves its centre. It is no coincidence that both focus on the Far East, the place from which this process of loss of orientation started.
Perhaps it is genre film that has best recounted this obsessive link that connects humans to their home. Roman Polanski has turned this theme into a very personal art. Behind the appearance of the usual film using the first-person conceit, Creep updates this relationship, making a never truly discovered house the mirror of a disturbed personality.

Ventos de Agosto could be defined a film stuck in one location, imprisoned in the beautiful natural setting that serves as its backdrop. The beach, the palm trees, the sea… Into this postcard, which Gabriel Mascaro explores with his documentary-maker’s skill, comes an external element, a traveller who will be lost among the waves one stormy night… Curiously this mysterious character is played by the director himself.

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