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It Is Time for Lucid Dreams

It Is Time for Lucid Dreams



Close your eyes, and imagine the next frontier of a cinema. No, go beyond 3D movies and embrace to a new dimension with local frame rate variation, local pixel timing, super slow motion effects and a variety of artistic shutter functions which showcase a technique called "The-Flow-of-Time". Done? Welcome to the Lucid Dreams Of Gabriel, an experimental short film project created by the Disney Research Laboratory in Zurich in a collaboration with the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and shot at 120 frames per second in Engadin, Switzerland, in 2013.

Supporting a surrealistic and non-linear story about a mother achieving immortality through her son, the massive use of innovative technologies permitted the director Sasha A. Schriber to describe their relationship in a novel way, and without using a green screen. An experimental piece of filmic art that aims to represent the fluidity of time and portray moments of transition from reality (at 24 fps) to a supernatural world (at 48 fps).

A glimpse behind the scenes of this innovative research film project will be presented at PalaVideo (on August 9th, at 11.00) by Disney Research Zurich together with SRG SSR (the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation).
Come, and have a seat. Close your eyes.
Fine. It's time to have a lucid dream.

Mattia Bertoldi
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