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The Iron Ministry

The Iron Ministry



J.P. Sniadecki, director

“The reason to shoot this movie comes from my experience learning Chinese language and customs. I have been in China for two years. Moreover I have always been fascinated in rails and trains – it exists a great tradition about cinema and trains and this country has got a unique rail system in the world.”

“In China you spend very long time in the train, where you have to deal and cope with each other. It’s also a movie about humanity.”

“With all those people that I talked with we had a verbal agreement, they could cut whatever they wanted after I shot. I was open to everything people wanted to show me and I never tried to dig.”

“I don’t know whether my film will be distributed or not. When shooting I don’t think about that. However my friends in China are directors themselves and run independent cinema festivals. Unless the government don’t close them I hope that my film may be selected for those festivals.”

“As Western, the conversations we had were mainly centered on politics, life in the US, the average salary and so on. We also talked about the one child policy, the push to civilization – those topics were the everyday conversation. I remember one anecdote: going to the urinary was written on the wall, a small step for you - a greater step for civilization.”

Cristian Gomez Bolliger
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