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Late Shift



3D would have been the future of movies. Well, it's not, but this not means cinema industry doesn't have to offer brand new experiences to the audience. One of this experiments is CtrlMovie. The concept is simple: let the audience decide which path the story has to follow. Easier to say than to implement. But this was the great challenge of Late Shift, the first feature film built using this technology. CtrlMovie is an app, available for iOS and Android, that allowed to interact with the storyline. The plot has some junctions where the audience can decide which choice will take the main character of the film. Just like a videogame.

Late Shift is a Swiss-UK co-production, a thriller about a gifted student accused of being part of a big heist. 180 turning points and 7 different storylines that can be chosen individually, watching the movie on tablet or in an immersive collective screening where the majority of the audience decides what will happen next. Definitely more fun than 3D.


Alessandro De Simone
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