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Around the World in Five Mountains

Ascent (2016)


Viejo calavera (2016)


Teo-neol (The Tunnel, 2016)


La montaña sagrada (The Holy Mountain, 1973)


Gotthard (2016)


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Another tunnel on Piazza Grande, but this time it is from South Korea. Nine days after Gotthard, Teo-neol is going to be screened on Thursday, August 11, on our biggest screen.

Since we are Swiss and we love mountains, we also know that there are mainly two reasons why men choose to drill a mountain: opening a new tunnel or looking for something they can't find outside it. The willpower to create a new path and the need of (re)discovery are two key elements of the Festival del film Locarno selection, and to celebrate the world's longest railway tunnel (AlpTransit, 57 kilometres) which will soon make connections to Ticino faster, here's a travel around the world in five mountains screened at Locarno69.


1) Teo-neol (The Tunnel, 2016)

The third movie directed by South Korean director KIM Seong-hun is part of Piazza Grande line up, presented as International Premiere. The story of a man who is trapped in a tunnel should make us think about the importance of one thing and one only, especially when lights go out and one is left alone: hope.


2) Viejo calavera (2016)

Living without a father, living without a leader. Elder Mamaní's story (Viejo calayera, directed by Kiro Russo) leads him to a mining city like Huanuni, developing his relationship with family and future. But even in the deepest mine, between secrets and mysteries, Elder can see the light in the end of the tunnel. But will he be able to reach it?


3) Ascent (2016)

From Bolivia to Japan, Fiona Tan's movie is focused on Mount Fuji – but in an experimental way. More than 4,5000 photographs from the past 150 years are composing the film, and it is like to live the evolution of the mountain in less than 80 minutes. What are you saying? A mountain is not changing so significantly in such a short time? We agree, it is not. But we are.


4) La montaña sagrada (The Holy Mountain, 1973)

An Alejandro Jodorowsky's classic, a piece of art scheduled in the Histoire(s) du cinéma section. The adventurous expedition of a man towards secrets of life and immortality put emphasis on the mountain, which becomes path of life and aspiration at the same time. A pearl to rediscover, celebrating the Pardo d'onore Swisscom of Locarno69.


5) Gotthard (2016)

Back to Switzerland. More than 140 years before AlpTransit inauguration, the Gotthard mountain was waiting for its first railway tunnel. A gigantic work which marked the story of Europe and the lives of many young workers. The mini-series Gotthard was directed by Urs Egger and presented as World Premiere in Piazza Grande. The "greatest fiction production ever" of Swiss Broadcasting Corporation took two years of work, but it is hard to imagine a better way or a better context to celebrate the new tunnel.

Mattia Bertoldi
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