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Delegation of the Open Doors Lab 2017 on the red carpet.


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Covid-19 FAQ: Open Doors 2020

Following the current global health crisis, the Locarno Film Festival will not be taking place in its usual form. However, Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films will keep offering support to the worldwide film community. Open Doors marries the vision of the 2020 edition by its own definition. 
The Open Doors section is being developed into an online version this year, comprehensive of its different branches, to remain active throughout and beyond the crisis.

The programs of Open Doors Lab (described below), Hub and Screenings will maintain their core objectives and will take place during Locarno 2020 in August.
Their selections will be presented to the professionals and the public starting from early June.

The newer, remote services such as the Consultancy and Hotline initiatives remain as active as ever. 

For any questions, please feel free to contact the OD Team at opendoors@locarnofestival.ch


The program

The Open Doors Lab selects each year 8 producers / filmmakers-producers, who are invited to Locarno to attend a personalised program focused on the role of the creative producer, providing them with tools to best approach the project development stage and to work with international film professionals, while increasing their entrepreneurial skills.

The six-day program combines group discussions, screenings, individual consultancy meetings and networking opportunities with Industry decision makers and Festival guests.

Our intention is to offer a professional platform to the invited South Asian producers/filmmaker producers not only to better grasp the specificities of the international marketplace, be aware of its varied opportunities but also to encourage discussions, share of information, experiences and practices well as mutual inspiration.

The ultimate goal of the Open Doors Lab is to contribute to the development of a more collaborative worldwide film community, without borders, and make the independent scene stronger and more sustainable locally, regionally and globally. 



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