Le cépuscule des hommes bleus (Working Title: Ayrouwen)

Country: Algeria
Director: Brahim Tsaki
Status tech: Released in 2007 / fiction / color / 35mm / 130’ / o.v. Arabic
Production: Hadjadj Belkacem (Algeria), Machahou Production (Algeria)
Other festivals: Festival International du Cinéma d'Alexandrie 2008; Festival International du Film Oriental de Genève 2008; Amal Euroarab Film Festival 2010
Awards: Film Festival Issni N'ourgh Amazigh d'Agadir 2009, won Grand Prix
Synopsis: "Ayrouwen" revolves around a dramatic love triangle: A love relationship between Amayas, a 40 year-old berber tourist guide and Maud, a young woman from Paris, who met in the desert of Djenat and a dead-end love relation that unites Amayas and Mina who are unable to consume their love and marry as they are brother and sister breastfed since early childhood by the same woman. After their encounter, Amayas joins Maud in Paris where the lovers live a passionate and sensual relation which ends up suffocating them. Mina, abandoned by Amayas, decides to live with Daoud, an old drunk man who seeks his salvation in her love. Eventually, Amayas return to the desert where he dies after drinking from polluted water. In Tsaki's feature, the aspect of imbalance or duality is strongly manifested on levels, the level of human relationships and the level of the ecological environment represented by the cruel lack of water in the desert and the pollution caused by garbage and chemical waste in Algeria's southern regions. In "Ayrouwen", Tsaki deals with the continuous struggle of the individuals trapped between contradictions such as love/desir, body/spirit, life/death as well as the struggle in the world between North and South.

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