News  ·  10 | 08 | 2019

Free at last

Fuori Concorso - Prazer, Camaradas!

This joyous rallying cry, that of the so-called 1968 generation, the generation of hedonistic utopias and libertarian principles, is the answer to the Salazarist slogan, «pleasure for those who work».

Prazer, Camaradas! proposes to relive those moments in a free movement where memories are experienced in the present tense. Freedom and equality presuppose freedom of desire and gender parity when it comes to pleasure. To be political, the revolution has to be sexual. The stocky, wrinkled hand of a Portuguese peasant fondles the housekeeping blouse on a hanger while Gloria Gaynor sings «love, love, love».

Female hands joyously, angrily, violently and laughingly beat the laundry they’re washing, a collective outlet for their desires of domestic revolution.

Wearing proletarian uniforms, women in housekeeping blouses and men with caps try, via assembly or callouts, to exit their gendered norms. «Being a feminist means having the courage to say it», says one of the young Englishwomen. «In front of everybody», adds a young 70-year-old Portuguese woman.

Prazer, Camaradas! makes the imperious necessity of those still current slogans that resonate. It doesn’t matter if you’re sixty or seventy; as the Rimbaud poem from 100 years ago says, «we’re not serious, when we are seventeen years old.»