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Chloe Tai


Chloe Tai



After completing a degree in International Business Chloe began her career as a Junior Brand Manager at L'Oréal, developing and executing nationwide marketing campaigns across the UK across multiple global brands. Here she developed a passion for visual mediums across online, print and TV and actively sought out product launches that required moving imagery. After 3 years, this repeated contact with exciting creatives led her to transition to the film industry starting with a 10-month traineeship in production and development at uMedia through the Film Distribution Association, where she engaged with all aspects of a financing, production and sales company within a small team. In March 2017, Chloe joined International Sales Agent Film Constellation and quickly rose to the challenge of leading all things creative, where she currently resides as Marketing & Business Operations Manager. Chloe has a passion for sharing unique and relevant stories, working with visionary talent and identifying new and exciting ways to showcase their work through tailored marketing and festival strategies.

I’m passionate about cinema, and I still have a lot to learn, but after studying screenwriting and script development and then having landed on distribution, I think it’s fair to say that for now, I’m most happy when working at either of these ends of the filmmaking process.

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