Locarno Filmmakers Academy 2018


Participants 2018 

  • Sameh Alaa (Egypt/Belgium)
  • Ilias El Faris Depuis (France/Morocco)
  • Omer Tobi (Israel) 
  • Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand)
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad (Philippines) 
  • Nelson Yeo (Singapore) 
  • Amanda Nell Eu (Malaysia) 
  • Gökçe Erdem (Canada/Turkey) 
  • Carolina Markowicz (Brazil)
  • Abigail Prade (Netherlands) 
  • Wendy Pillonel (Switzerland) 
  • Timo Von Gunten (Switzerland) 
  • Anna Spacio (Switzerland) 
  • Ng'endo Mukii (Kenya) 
  • Elinor Nechemya (Israel) 
  • César Augusto Acevedo (Columbia) 
  • Chia-Hsin Liun (Taiwan)
  • Santiago Lozalo (Columbia) 
  • Mariam Bakacho Khatchvani (Georgia)
  • Min Bahadur Bham (Nepal) 

Screenings 2018

All screenings @rialto2, free entrance

Don't miss the new boom of young authors redefining cinema.

Founded in 2010 with the aim of assisting the development of emerging talents, the Locarno Academy is a training program for young filmmakers, professionals, students and film critics. One of the sections, the Filmmakers Academy, involves a selection of very promising filmmakers from all over the world. During the Festival they meet at the Rialto 2 to show their work. Everyday a different program with a different focus. These screenings are open to the public.


Fri. 3|8|2018 – 9PM

CANNES Cinéfondation

85 min

 Mariam Backacho Khatchvani (Georgia)

Los pasos del agua  César Augusto Acevedo (Colombia)

Fan Fan Chia-Hsin Liu (Taiwan)

The Flute Min Bahadur Bham (Nepal)

Cruza Santiago Lozano (Colombia)


Mon. 6|8|2018 - 7pm@rialto2

How would you face it?

70 min

Future Perfect Abigail Prade (Netherlands)

Yellow Fever Ng’endo Mukii (Kenia)

 Sameh Alaa (Egypt/Belgium)

Les Heures Encre Wendy Pillonel (Switzerland)

Set Me As a Seal Upon Thine Heart 
Omer Tobi (Israel)


Tue. 7|8|2018 - 7pm @rialto2

Have a good laugh (or a good cry)

85 min

Roujoula Ilias El Faris Dupuis (France/Morocco)

Mountain of Knives Nelson Yeo (Singapore)

Death of the Sound Man Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand)

Junilyn Has 
Carlo Francisco Manatad (Philippines)

The Orphan Carolina Markowicz (Brazil)


Wed. 8|8|2018 - 7pm @rialto2

Four ways to be a woman (among many others)

75 min

Everlasting Mom Elinor Nechemya (Israel)

La Femme et le TGV Timo von Gunten (Switzerland)

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle
 Amanda Nell Eu (Malaysia)

Titanyum Gökçe Erdem (Canada/Turkey)


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