Ian Ginn – Producer and educationist – Netherlands

Ian Ginn – Producer and educationist – Netherlands
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Ian Ginn is one of the sharpest thinkers and business innovators working in trans–media today. A committed educationist, Ian founded the non–profit Transmedia Learning Network in 2010 to develop and deliver transmedia innovation, education and training. He participates in workshops and education programs throughout Europe and mentors producers and media–makers in various countries on developing their transmedia projects.

Ian shares his expertise in conferences and think–tanks worldwide. Over the last 24 months you may have seen him speak at the French–German Film Meeting Paris, DIY Days Los Angeles, Storyworld San Francisco, Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht, EBU TV Summit Lucerne, TEDxTransmedia Geneva, Power to the Pixel London, Cannes Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival.

A leading transmedia producer with 20 years experience in the entertainment and digital media industries, Ian started to research multi–platform storytelling in 2004, founding Hubbub Media in 2008 to develop original transmedia properties. Over the last 24 months, working with production partners and university medialabs, Hubbubʼs research and development has resulted in a series of transmedia prototypes and shorts. In 2012, working with producers and creative teams in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Hubbub will produce two transmedia projects, will co–produce a further two, and has a two further projects in development.

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