Locarno Film Festival​
via Franchino Rusca 1
CH – 6600 Locarno
Tel: +41 91 756 21 21
Fax: +41 91 756 21 49

President’s Office
Marco Solari, President

Executive Office
Raphaël Brunschwig, Chief Operating Officer

Artistic Direction
Lili Hinstin, Artistic Director

Programming Office
Victoria Manconi, Head of Programming Office
Sara Bellicini, Head of Pardi di domani Programming Office

Locarno Pro
Valentina Merli, Head of Locarno Pro

Sophie Bourdon, Deputy Head of Locarno Pro
Head of Open Doors 

Image and sound
Patricia Boillat, Head of Image and Sound
Elena Gugliuzza, Image and Sound Coordinator

Press Office
Giada Peter, Head of Press Office

Marketing and Sponsorship
Fabienne Merlet, Marketing Manager
Camilla Liedtke, Executive Assistant

Administration and Human resources
Michael Mros, Head of Human resources
Pierre Tunesi, Head of Finance

Print Admission Unit 
Cristina Caon, Head of Print Admission
Caterina Renzi, Head of Print Admission

Documentation Office
Nora Bianchi, Head of Documentation Office

Hospitality and Guest Management
Nathalie Solimano, Head of Hospitality

Protocol and Institutional Affairs
Stefano Lappe, Head of Protocol and Institutional Affairs

Pia Ferrari, Head of Accreditation Office
Professional and cultural accreditation:
Industry accreditation:
Press accreditation:

Logistics and Infrastructure
Alessandro Bonalumi, Head of Logistics and Infrastructure

Giordano Ferrari, Chief Security Officer
Daniele Haas, Colonello SMG, Senior Security Consultant

Ivan Pedrini, Webmaster

Technical Support Digital Library and MyFestival


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