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A professional couple

A professional couple



Among all the new faces seen on the Piazza Grande stage in the last days, there are only two people who have been there every night: we are talking about Sandra Sain and Giona A. Nazzaro, the couple who is introducing and hosting the screenings, representing a trait d’union between the cinema stars and the large audience of the Festival. Sandra Sain is a cultural journalist with multimedial and multilingual experience at the RSI (Radio e Televisione della Svizzera Italiana). Giona A. Nazzaro, film critic, collaborates since long time with the Festival del film Locarno.

The professionality and the experience demonstrated by the couple in the last days can count on a significative plus: the dresses and the help of the boutique Les Griffes in Muralto which make them always look shiny and impeccable under the night sky of Locarno.

Mattia Bertoldi

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