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White Dog Unleashed

White Dog Unleashed



Cineasti del presente jury member and filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) dropped by our offices to discuss one of his favorites, Samuel Fuller’s White Dog (1982), which screens here in Locarno on its 30th anniversary as part of the Histoire(s) du cinéma section: “I saw it first on a double-header with Bernardo Bertolucci’s La luna, as part of a retrospective on the works of Ennio Morricone at the Film Society of Lincoln Center a few years ago. There couldn’t have been two more different films to show together – but both great”.

White Dog was Fuller’s swan song in Hollywood, before moving to France.
“I think if they’d let him, he would have loved to stay and work within the Studio system” says Perry “but obviously always making his truly original films. Unfortunately he was boycotted in all kinds of ways. But luckily now we have the chance to finally see the film, which at the time didn’t really get a proper theatrical release” 

Massimo Benvegnù

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