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The Touching Portrait of a Wounded Soul

The Touching Portrait of a Wounded Soul



Marilyne Canto is best known for her prolific acting career that saw collaboration with the likes of Jean-Claude Biette and Claude Chabrol, and pursue a lasting partnership with filmmakers such as Dominique Cabrera. With an uncanny talent for conveying an obviousness that she and her characters were one and the same, Canto developed a particular expertise in disguising her characters’ sharp intelligence beneath an appearance of uncalculating aloofness.

The actress turned filmmaker stars as Elise, a single mother who still mourns her late husband. When lover Paul’s affection seems to resist Elise’s passive-aggressive outbursts, she gives him an even colder shoulder. And, in a strangely reversed effect, the viewer feels very much involved in their ordeal.

With stylistic modesty and uncomplacent honesty, Marilyne Canto composes the touching portrait of a wounded soul who brandishes bad faith as both a weapon and a shield. A woman who rejects proofs of love in an awkward attempt to prove to herself that happiness is still a possibility.

Aurélie Godet

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