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Louise Archambault

Louise Archambault



Madame Archambault, welcome back to Locarno! In 2005 you took part to the Concorso internazionale with Familia, now you are presenting your last work, Gabrielle, produced by the Quebecian enterprise micro_scope.

“Yes, and I am very happy to be here! The two movies tell different stories, but I guess that it is possibile to see a common fil rouge: the main characters are called to find their own way, developping their personalities and establishing a new relationship with their families. Even if at the beginning their relatives' reaction is not so positive”.

You had many interviews and you did several researches, before shooting. What were you looking for?

“It was necessary to understand how parents relate with their children affected by Williams' or other syndromes, in order to transmit their sense of protection and (sometimes) their fear about love and something that seems to be unknown to them. They feel insecure, but they are not egoist. Moreover, I found really interesting to know their stories, to see how some people can make the difference in the life of somebody else with a really few means”.

Music plays a fundamental role in your movie. Was it so important on the set too?

“It was, and I have always considered it as a main character of Gabrielle. Music gave my actors the opportunity to be spontaneous and natural, which was fundamental as well – that's why I decided to call them with their real names. I wanted to preserve their individuality, their freshness”.

What do you expect from the audience that will watch the movie?

“It is very difficult to say, but I really would like to convey a sense of openness to difference”.

Ah, and we forgot to talk about another slight difference with your previous experience in Locarno: tonight your movie will be screened in Piazza Grande, and that's your first time...

“I remember I was pretty thrilled to watch a movie in such a great scenario, and if I think that tonight I will be on the stage... Are you aware of the incredible opportunity you have, aren't you? What surprised me most is the technical quality of the screening, and the silence... You can have 7000 or 8000 people in the Piazza, but nobody's chatting, not even in the restaurants. That's love for cinema, in all its strength”.

“Siete consapevoli dell'incredibilità di un posto come Piazza Grande? Qui si respira l'amore per il cinema. In tutta la sua forza”.

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