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A Piece of Underrated Art

A Piece of Underrated Art



"I always felt that George Cukor was a very underrated director, much like Minnelli and Mankiewicz," American filmmaker Mark Rappaport tells us from his Paris home, en route to Locarno,"while I think his films definitely belong to the Desert-Island collection."

"The one that will introduce, and that I have written about in the catalogue, A Life of Her Own (1950), starring Lana Turner and Ray Milland, is probably the most underrated of them all. I don't know why, but many consider it his worst film, I honestly think it's one of his best."

"It was long-forgotten, and pratically unavailable, but I had been able to watch it first on TV, thanks to Turner Classic Movies, one of the best sources for rare films, and then finally on the big screen through a recent Cukor retrospective at the Cinémathèque française. I can't wait to see it again!"

Massimo Benvegnù

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