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Menahem Golan (1929 – 2014)

Menahem Golan (1929 – 2014)



Festival del film Locarno salutes Menahem Golan, Best Independent Producer Award – Raimondo Rezzonico Prize 2010, who passed away in Jaffa yesterday at the age of 85.

Forever linked with Cannon Films, the high-octane production company which released some of the most successful action-driven pictures of the 1980s, - The Delta Force, Bloodsport, the Death Wish franchise - Golan was also the man behind such highbrow fare as John Cassavetes’ Love Streams (1984), Robert Altman’s Fool for Love (1985),Jean-Luc Godard's King Lear (1987) and Barbet Schroeder’s Barfly (1987).

A B-movie producer, but also a Golden Bear winner, he was definitely one of a kind.

Massimo Benvegnù

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