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Two Luminous Souls

Two Luminous Souls



One day, two souls that were meant to meet stumbled onto one another. Only, one of them was unable to recognize its match in the other, and the journey towards this recognition became the mission of a lifetime. A short, fragile human life.
Inspired by the true story of Marie Heurtin, a girl born at the end of the 19th century with the combined afflictions of blindness, muteness and deafness, Jean-Pierre Améris’s film is a poignant drama of individual challenge.
Newcomer Ariana Rivoire is a radiant revelation as the young handicapped girl who exults in the joy of discovering meaning and the world’s bounties. And angelic French actress Isabelle Carré is Sister Marguerite, a nun who was sanctified for her selfless dedication to Marie Heurtin.

When she meets Marie, the young girl is a wild, mucky little thing, locked in the obscurity of her isolated conscience. Her parents, despite loving and caring for their only child, couldn’t find ways to unlock the door of Marie’s dark cave, and the girl can only but react instinctively against what she identifies as aggressions from an elusive outside world.
Yet Sister Marguerite feels with a perfect certainty that Marie was presented to her for a reason. She was called to help her, and neither the skepticism of her hierarchy nor the bruises induced by the wild child can dent her determination.

The nun knows that her fragile health doesn’t leave her much time to succeed, but she has no intention to save her resources, whether spiritual or physical, and gives all of her small self to this divine mission.
One sensation, repeated over and over, in the hope that Marie would connect it to an object, allowing it to become a word. A single, mundane word. That’s all it takes to unlock the door and open it onto the world. And it’s everything.

Aurélie Godet

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