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Julie Depardieu

Julie Depardieu


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Q. Julie Depardieu, Jean-Jacques Zilbermann's À la vie is a comedy about Holocaust in which spirit of survival and joy of life overcome Second World War's horrors. How did you get to have the role of Hélène?
Along my career I have always wanted to experience new things, to do something that I haven't yet done. When I received the script, I immediately said yes not only because I felt touched by movie theme, but also because I had to play Jean-Jacques' mother, and it was the first time I had such a role.

Q. Since a few years you are also mother in real life: Billy is 3 years old and Alfred ecently turned 2...
Has When I met Jean-Jacques for talking about the movie, I was pregnant. I think that this double role – mother on the set and in real life – gave me the opportunity to face it role in a more simple way. And then, with Jean-Jacques... I never met is mother and didn't know anything about her, but it was enough Looking at his eyes when he talked about her... He seemed a young boy who wanted to do his best to make her story shine.

Q. How did you prepare your role?
I used to meet Jean-Jacques once a week, but I also started to singing with the movie composers, some beautiful yiddish songs I performed also with Suzanne and Johanna, the other two actresses. Then I read books, listened to other music and watched the documentary about Jean-Jacques' mother, always trying to preserve a kind of freedom that could permit me to play succesfully this role.

Q. Talking about the shooting: what was your most moving scene and your best memory from the set.
I think that the scene we shot in the parking can be considered the strongest one, from an emotional point of view. Meeting again someone you thought lost, after living together the worst... Together with Suzanne and Johanna, we really tried to feel that sensation, without being satisfied to play it. About best memories... There are so many: the atmosphere of the whole set was very convivial because there were several children and background actors were always the same, we became friends. And then, the bathing scene: the water so cold, 11-12 degrees or something like that. When we finished shooting, my skin was literally blue

Q. Have you already watched the movie?
I am not the kind of actress who likes to watch herself in the movies, sometimes I really try to avoid it because I focus on my performance and I am never satisfied of it. Never. But I already watched À la vie twice, and I will be happy to watch it again tonight in Piazza Grande.

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