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À la vie

À la vie



Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, director
“It is a story about three women I personally knew: I also dedicated a documentary to my mother and her two friends, but I felt that the story of their friendship was not developed in a satisfying manner. Then, I decided to write this movie. This is not my first work about my mother, but I feel that I will still work on this subject”

“I decided to set my story in the Sixties and not in the Seventies because they are perceived as particularly happy years in France, perfectly representing the image of a world that changed after the Second World War. The strong contrast between that epoque and the Holocaust was perfect for the movie”

Johanna Ter Steege, actress
“I really appreciated the story written by Jean-Jacques, but not only for the strong relationship built by the three women: it was its way to tell how people survive after the war, that fascinated me.”

Julie Depardieu, actress
“I listened very carefully to Jean-Jacques, because I didn't know his mother and I really wanted to try to meet his expectations. I have had a very respectful vision of this woman. About the shooting, we felt something unspeakable on the set, a very strange sensation that is impossible to describe: consequently, in my performance I wanted to show respect to that something which characterized the holidays of Jean-Jacque's mother and her two friends one week a year.”

Mattia Bertoldi

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