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A short about Long(o)

A short about Long(o)



A kind-of slimmed-down appendage to his 2003 masterpiece Los Angeles Plays Itself, Thom Andersen’s new short finds the venerated director in a playful and idiosyncratic mood, fashioning another tribute to the unsung. A stumble through the studio backlots, The Tony Longo Trilogy is comprised of three sections, all culled from the supporting appearances in Los Angeles-shot films by the beefy Tony Longo, referred to by Andersen in the opening title card as an “axiom of the American action cinema.” (Take that, Charlton Heston.) Hey, Asshole!, a descent into the world of shabby strip clubs, comes from the 1995 Troy Cook film The Takeover; Adam Kesher is Longo’s only appearance in a little something called Mullholland Dr., here treated by Andersen as just another industrial product; while the conclusion, You Fucking Dickhead!,reworks what appears to be a Rob Lowe vehicle from 1997 called Living in Peril.Instead of zeroing in on place, Andersen here highlights character – more specifically, an actor – and the three segments present variations as to what results when the focus is shifted from the foreground (the star) to the background: here, poor Tony Longo who, it seems, was destined to never catch a break.

Mark Peranson

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