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Schweizer Helden

Schweizer Helden



Q. How did you get the idea for Schweizer Helden

It came from a true story: a woman I know had to develop a project with people asking for asylum and wanted to stage a psychodrama, but they didn't speak german well enough and she decided to perform a semplified version of Wilhelm Tell. It was a good story and I wrote a script in 2002, it was one of my early projects and, even if worked on other movies, I didin't want to give up on it. I think it's a story that Switzerland can and must tell.

Q. Immigrant are a living matter

Everybody tells me, but my movie doesn't aspire to change politic, it's not my assignment.Men are the focus. And respect for the others, that is fundamental.

Q. How did you merge in the reality described in Schweizer Helden?

When you make a movie about something you don't know, you have to study. I lived twice in an immigrant center, in 2001 and 2008. It was an experience that gave me a lot, you can see things from a very differnt point of view. But this a fiction, not a documentary. The story, although is based upon a true story, is made up. But I firmly believe that fantasy can tell something deeply true.

Q. We find the same mix of reality and fiction in your cast assembled with professionals and actual immigrants

I asked them to be extras and they show in several scenes. I kept in touch with them and explained the project and theey joined with great openness. It was beautiful when we made the group shot, they were all united, actors who play immigrants and actual immigrants. And when we shot the scene of the christmas dinner we ate all together, it was a nice party.

Q. What's an hero for Peter Luisi?

It's a good question. It's clear to me that there are many different kinds, but in a general way an hero is someone who fights to fix bad situation even against his interests. And for this reason at the end of the day the characters of this movie are actual heroes.

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