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Connie and Pride

Connie and Pride


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Q. Connie Nielsen, in your career you've taken part to Hollywood features (The Devil's Advocate, Gladiator, Mission to Mars) as well as European productions (Brødre and Demonlover, which will be screened on August 13th at La Sala). Was it difficult to find such a balance?

“It was difficult to be aware that my passion for cinema was not painted on my face. I had to understand that many people were looking at me just seeing a tall, blond, Danish woman. It took time to find the right roles”.

Q. You came to Locarno as member of the Concorso internazionale Jury. How do you feel?

“It is always a strong experience. Before watching a movie, I never want to read anything about the movie or the directors because I need to feel naked in the front of the screen, without any preconception. We've been watching two movies a day and I usually feel exhausted at the end, because we face stories so full of human emotions that it is impossible to stay indifferent”.

Q. Alice Braga, in an interview to PardoLive, defined you a great actress and woman. You have four sons – what if you had to choose only one movie, to show them what does your work mean to you?

“Well, I think I should delete some strong roles from the list! (she laughs). A few years ago I showed A Shine of Rainbows to my two step sons – Layne and Myles, they were 9 and 12 – and you know, they felt tough and impassive to a simple movie. In the end, however, they were crying. In that precise moment I understood I did a good job”.

Q. In the last years you played in some TV series. Is it a much different experience?

“It is a new evolution of the system: for the first time, doing TV series does not mean playing in a Minor League – actually in the USA the most interesting stories have been written for television. As actors, the biggest problem is that we are often performing without knowing what will happen next. When our characters face a new situation, then, we must be ready to interpret it giving it a believable background”.

Q. What is the award or the title you feel more proud of?

“Being co-founder and president of the Human Needs Project (http://humanneedsproject.org/). Three weeks ago we opened the Town Centre in Kibera (Kenya), a place which provides basic services and empowerment services giving people living in the slums the opportunity to study, work and get a microcredit”.

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